Pinned Down – Chapter 1

Hello, everyone! I apologize for failing to post the first chapter of Pinned Down yesterday. With all the Halloween activities my kids were involved in, time escaped me. To make up for failing to follow through, I will be making the first book of the trilogy, Pinned Up (the REVISED version) free on Amazon. The ebook will be available for free download on Sunday, November 2nd and Monday, November 3rd (I tried to include today, but the system wouldn’t allow it.) I will post a link tomorrow so that you can get your free copy!

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NOTE: The revised version of Pinned Up does NOT have the wording “A NOVEL” on the cover (or if you purchased it after July 2014). That’s how you’ll know if you have the new or older edition. 

I hope you enjoy the revised version of Pinned Up and the first chapter of Pinned Down. Reviews are highly appreciated on Amazon and Goodreads, whether they’re good or negative. I’m humble enough to understand there is always room for improvement. I welcome all constructive criticism. I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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            The eerie sound of silence is all I hear, yet chaos rapidly unfolds in front of me as the sound of gun shots surround me. Why is there no scent of gunpowder? Why has my mouth gone dry leaving nothing to spare for my parched lips and quenching thirst? Why do I feel too weak to support myself, but somehow feel a contradiction of numbness and weightlessness? My mind is definitely playing tricks on me. 

Familiar, dark predatory eyes menacingly stare at me. An array of mixed emotions isn’t allowing me to speak or concentrate. Due to panic, I choke on my desperate scream for help. The tension in the air feels like a thick cloud of smoke refusing to dissipate. Fight or flight…those are my only options, but my body is paralyzed, unable to make the slightest attempt to save myself or loved ones. It’s too late for them. They’re in gun battle and are highly outnumbered. I notice their lifeless bodies drop to the ground, first my mom then Kade. I know I should be running to their aid or searching for my man, Josh, but I can’t. I remain in place…unable to move and staring at the man before me, Mateo Blanco. Vaguely, I wonder how he can still be alive. I wonder how this man, my boyfriend’s father is gazing at me, savoring every second of torment that he causes me to feel. He should be dead, but he’s not. Instead, he’s gloriously standing before me with a demonic grin enjoying the pain he inflicts upon me. Slowly, I realize that I cannot move from the shock of seeing him alive and well.

How can this be?

“You’re next, you stupid cunt.” Mateo Blanco spits through gritted teeth. “I’m going to take my time with you.” He says with malevolence radiating off him, but with excitement to begin the physical torture he has in stored for me.

Doesn’t he know no physical pain can be greater than that of losing loved ones? Why does he hate me so much? Why does he want to cause me harm? The realization of his revenge slowly registers.

            He wants to hurt my father through me.

Mateo Blanco moves towards me at a fast and determined pace with a lascivious sneer.

I need to move. I have to get away.

My body betrays me. It refuses to cooperate and remains paralyzed. Panic quickly consumes my entire being. I feel my hopes and dreams shatter. This man is here for me and has eliminated my loved ones without mercy. All that’s left of me are uncontrollable tears, excruciating pain, and a broken spirit.

My eyes swell up from tears of death, tears of paralyzation, and tears of consuming rage. He nears me and clasps my face with force. The strong pressure of his hand is agonizing. He restrains himself slightly ensuring not to break my jaw…just yet. As he stands hovering before me, I notice his eyes spiraling into a malignant mind frame, more so now that he violently invades my personal space.  As I stare at Mateo Blanco’s face up close, I see Josh…a much older and sadistic version of Josh, but nonetheless…there’s no denying this disgusting brute is my man’s father.

“I’m going to have a delicious time with you. When your daddy gets the autopsy report, he’ll know I fucked his little girl in every way possible before dismembering your body.” He belches an evil laugh right by my ear. His hot breath smells of tobacco while his expensive, overpowering cologne intoxicates my senses. A scent that will forever be engraved in memory.

He sardonically laughs at my sheepish yet desperate attempts to escape his grasp. He adds more pressure to my face then lewdly licks my lips with his stiff tongue. A vile substance instantly rises up my throat. I try getting away from him once again to vomit the horrid liquid, but my efforts of escape are futile. He continues to clasp my face with his mighty grip. Almost immediately, I begin to choke on my own vomit.

Chapter 1 (Nina)

Missing You

            “Baby, wake up. Come on, love. Wake up.” I hazily recognize the whispered voice. My eyes sluggishly open, feeling too weak to raise my heavy lids. Gradually, he comes to view. My man. My Josh. His gorgeous hazel eyes scan my face with concern penetrated in them.

Why is he so worried?

“Baby, you were having a nightmare. Are you okay?” Josh asks cautiously.

I’m slightly confused. “I was?” I’m relieved to see him, but the anguish in my chest refuses to perish. I notice then that my face is wet and that I’m still weeping uncontrollably. It takes a moment to register my last few thoughts. Bit by bit, I recall the determination and loathing behind Mateo Blanco’s eyes.

“Your dad…he was after me, but first he hurt the people I love. He still wants to hurt me. He won’t rest until he gets me.” I say in between faint sobs.

“Baby, he’s dead. He’ll never hurt you or anyone else again. I made sure of it. As long as I’m alive, I’ll never let anyone harm you.” Josh cradles me tightly to his bare chest. He seals his promise with a resolute kiss on top of my head. I eagerly return his embrace. I heave a long sigh. I want to remain like this forever.

I believe him. Josh has shown me that he’s a man of his word. “Thanks, babe. You make me feel so much better. I’m sorry. It’s just that my nightmare felt so real. I’m glad you’re here. You give me a sense of security. I feel protected when I’m with you.” I smile as the side of my face is now resting on his firm, sculpted chest and our legs are entwined with each other. Right now, I only want to be held. I’m thankful Josh gives me exactly what I need…his comfort. I feel the burden of my heavy lids and quickly fall into a deep slumber once again. This time, Mateo Blanco doesn’t invade my dreams.

I wake up feeling groggy. Sunlight is creeping in my room through the blinds on my window. While stretching my arms, I realize I’m alone. I get out of bed at a snail’s pace due to my hangover. Last night’s drinking fest was imperative. Initially, the pity party was for me to drown my sorrows while watching a movie, but once Josh arrived to my house unexpectedly, my reasons for drinking changed. I had a beer to ease my nerves as I discussed my father, Diego’s confessions. Later, additional drinks were necessary as I heard Josh’s own admissions to the past week’s dreadful turn of events. Despite the revelation of our disturbing truths, our open communication and renewed commitment provide me with the relief I desperately crave.

I make a pit stop at the bathroom then head over to the living room and find Josh drinking a cup of coffee while standing by the window looking outside. I remain in the hallway and observe him from a short distance. His stance is tall and domineering, his shoulders broad with a narrow waist. He has a serious expression that lets me know his mind is running a mile a minute. He’s wearing dark grey slacks and a black button up dress shirt with a matching tie. Josh finally senses me and turns around, locking his honey colored eyes with mine. Immediately, he gives me his lazy, boyish grin that automatically sets my soul on fire. “Hey, pretty lady…come here and give daddy some sugar.” He raises his right eyebrow twice and places the coffee mug on the end table.

“Good morning, babe. You look mighty tasty. What are you up to today?” I ask as I quickly make my way into his open arms.

“Baby, it’s way past noon. You’ve been knocked out most of the morning.” He brushes a few strands of my hair away from my face. “Unfortunately, I’m waiting for my cab. I’m flying back to Arkansas right now. I have a business meeting this evening over dinner with top management from the retailer who just contracted my company. I tried rescheduling, but couldn’t. I’ll be returning towards the end of next week.” Josh says as he holds me tighter allowing me to feel the dread that consumes him for leaving me behind.

“What? Why? I just got you back last night. I’m not ready to let you go again and for so many days.” The news of his departure tugs at my heart.

“I know, baby. Trust me…leaving you is the last thing I want to do, but this meeting is very important and can’t be rescheduled. I’ll work my ass off the next few days to ensure I don’t have any more business trips in the near future. Deal?” He lifts up my chin with his index finger and stares into my eyes, confirming the truth behind his words.

“Deal.” I grudgingly agree. “You haven’t even left, yet I miss you already.” I whine. Since when do I fuckin whine? Stop acting so damn needy, Nina! I shove a sock down my inner voice’s mouth because right now, I don’t give a rat’s ass if I’m being clingy. I’ve been without Josh for too long and to be apart from him again after we just reconciled simply sucks balls…hairy, saggy balls at that. “But you’re my boy toy, what will I do without you in the meantime?”

“Your boy toy?” Josh laughs. “You can play with all of me, except my heart.” He glides his lips gently across my cheek. “How about you think about me? Miss me. Figure out ways to devour me when I return. I would love for you to come, but right now I need you to look after my mom and keep me posted with her recovery.” He places both hands on either side of my face and gently leans his forehead against mine. “I love you, baby. Know that I’ll be thinking of you every moment that I’m away. I can’t wait to fuck you like crazy again.”

Our private moment gets interrupted.

“What’s up, you crazy love birds?” Kade yells as he barges into the house wearing sweats and a t-shirt. “Damn, it’s a beautiful day! Hey, there’s a cab out front. Is it yours?”

“Yeah, it’s Josh’s. He’s leaving me.” I pout. “He’s going back to Arkansas today and won’t be returning until next week.”

“Awww man…that sucks! Oh well, look at the bright side. At least you two can practice sexting and doing weird kinky shit on Skype. Besides, as hard as you two were fucking at the crack of dawn, I’m surprised you’re still standing, Cheesecake.” Kade laughs. “All right then, Josh…we’ll see you soon.” Kade heads to the kitchen allowing us some privacy to say goodbye.

Immediately, I rush his lips. I want to savor every bit of his delicious mouth as our tongues dance gracefully with each other. Reluctantly, Josh backs away from me. “I have to go, baby.” His voice and stare portray sadness, but he tries to lighten the mood. “Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to bring back some toys for both our pleasure.” He winks giving me that devilishly handsome grin that always makes my insides melt.

“Sounds good to me. You know I’m always game.” I wink back. “I love you with all my heart, Tree Hugger. I miss you already” I frown.

Josh closes his eyes and allows my words to sink into his memory. “I love you with all my might, baby. I’ll call you when I land.” He quickly gives me a kiss and heads to the door. Before he leaves, he yells, “Kade! Be sure to take good care of my lady! I’m trusting you with her life!”

Kade rushes out of the kitchen. “What? I’m on Cheesecake duty? Fuck yeah! Don’t worry, Josh…I’m gonna be the best sitter EVER!” Kade turns to me and says, “You heard that Cheesecake? I’m your sitter until further notice. You have to do everything I say or else Josh isn’t gonna dick you down when he returns. Mmm hmm. I got you, Josh…don’t trip.”

Josh remains standing by the door, he pinches the bridge of his nose trying his best to contain the laugh that threatens to escape. Once he composes himself, he leaves with a hint of a smile. He’ll be gone for what seems like forever…and ever. Instantly, I feel blue. A long sigh escapes me. Im so dramatic.

Kade startles me. “Hey! Turn that frown upside down. You can’t go around sulking all weekend. How about a Sons of Anarchy marathon? I walked longer than I was supposed to, now my shitty wound is hurting like a bitch. How about we stay in and rest?”

I sigh. “Sounds good. I’m just going out on Sunday for a photo shoot that I completely forgot about. It’s at Ocean Beach. Maybe if you’re feeling better by then, you can come with me and we can have lunch at the Cliff House after the shoot.” Although I’m suggesting, my plans with Kade are concrete in my mind. I cherish his presence, especially when I recall that odious day he was shot by Mateo Blanco, the root of all evil. It still breaks my heart to ponder that I was so close to losing him. After a few moments, I snap out of my reverie. “Okay, I’m gonna freshen up then we can start our drooling marathon over Jax Teller. Yum.”

“Sounds like a plan. Hurry up because I’m next.” Kade demands as he’s walking back to the kitchen.

As I’m showering, I plan a special meal for Josh’s return. I’ve never cooked for him and figure that day is a good day to start. He needs to acknowledge that I’m a woman with many special talents. While I’m forming the menu in my mind, a loud pounding on my bathroom door interrupts my thoughts.

“Cheesecake!” Kade yells. “How much longer? I need to use the restroom! Hurry!”

“Ugh! Why didn’t you use it before I showered? I’ll be out in five minutes. Wait!” I irritatingly yell back.

Just then, I hear the bathroom door open and shut.

What the hell?

I rinse off the shampoo and slightly open the shower curtain to see what’s going on. “Kade? What the fuck are you doing here? Get out!” I shriek completely appalled at seeing him sitting on the toilet.

“OMG, Cheesecake. I can’t. I had Indian food last night on my date with Jacob and now, it’s going straight through me. I’ve had an upset stomach all morning!” He groans.

I shut the shower curtain. “I can’t believe you’re taking a sit down while I’m in the shower! This is a hostage situation!” Just as I’m speaking, I hear a fairly loud plop and smell a foul scent. “Courtesy flush, motherfucker! Courtesy flush!” I yell completely grossed out then start to gag.

“Calm. Down. Taking a dump is natural. No need for you to get into hysterics.” Kade laughs. Just then, I hear him pass gas. “Daaaaamn, Cheesecake! Did you hear that asshole talk shit behind my back?” Now, he’s dying of laughter.

“You’re not funny! Open the window! You’d better spray or light a candle! Now, get out! I swear…you will pay for this, Kade Daly! You’re gross! You completely crossed the line this time!” I yell.

I hear the toilet flush. “Okay, okay. I’m done. Sheesh! I’ll have you know I’ve been kicked out of fancier places than this.” Kade states completely unashamed as he washes his hands.

“You’re so full of shit! You need to kick rocks like right now!” My voice screeches the more irritated I become.

“Full of shit? Not anymore…I feel ten pounds lighter!” He chuckles as he leaves me in the bathroom with the stench of his crap combined with the scent of apple cinnamon. Ewww

After three hours of watching SOA, I decide to check on Celeste, not only to appease my man’s request, but because I want to. Before I leave, I gather some essentials I feel she may need.

As I arrive to the hospital, I briefly pray that Celeste is continuing to do well. Once I reach the floor in which she has been residing in for the past few weeks, I notice two men in suits leaving Celeste’s room. I speed up my pace to see who these strangers are, but they manage to enter the elevator located on the opposite end of the building before I get a chance to see their faces. I quickly barge into Celeste’s sterile and private room. “Celeste! Who were those men? What did they want?” I ask forgetting my manners.

“Well, hello to you too, dear.” Celeste pushes a button on the rail of her bed to sit upright. She appears tired, pale, and thinner than when I first met her, but nonetheless, her beauty doesn’t fade. She’s in her mid-fifties, but doesn’t appear to be. Her short auburn hair, emerald eyes, and delicate features compliment her ivory complexion beautifully. She smiles at me weakly. Celeste may be slowly recuperating, but she’s still in a frail state after suffering from prior medical issues and then being shot by Mateo Blanco. “They’re just federal agents who are still questioning me about that dreadful day. I wonder when the questioning will stop. All these different agents keep asking me the same questions.” She sighs.

I walk over to her and gently give her a hug. “Okay. I was caught off guard when I saw those two strange men leaving your room.”

“There’s nothing to worry about.” She reassures me and tries to calm my paranoia by holding my hand for comfort. “Now, tell me. How do you feel?” She asks with a warm smile on her face.

“I’m fine, but I should be asking you that. How do you feel? Any improvement? Your face has a beautiful glow to it. Do you care to tell me why?” I hint at wanting to know more about her male friend, Michael.

Celeste lightly giggles. “I’m happy. I feel relieved we can all finally live in peace. But most important, I’m glad you and my son are back together.” Now pure joy is radiating off her.

“Dang…that man doesn’t waste any time!” I tease.

Celeste stares at me lovingly. “He adores you. He couldn’t contain his excitement. He called me on his way to the airport. Now, you two can be happy and build a life together. And I can finally be a grandmother.” She quickly adds nonchalantly.

“Wait. What? Celeste, no! We just got back together and neither of us has discussed a family. We’ve only been dating for a short while. Marriage is not something either one of us wants. It’s too soon.” I state rapidly in a panic before I begin hyperventilating.

“I’m sorry, dear. I didn’t mean to startle you with my comment. I promised him I wouldn’t mention it, but since I had my fingers crossed when I made the promise, I didn’t think there would be any harm in bringing it up.” She slightly chuckles. “But for the record, sweetie…I never mentioned marriage. That thought came on your own.” She smiles with a look of triumph on her face. “Would you like to know which baby names I have picked out for my grandchildren? Just for fun?” She asks slyly.

“Celeste! Bite your tongue! Absolutely not!” I laugh. “You’re freaking me out.”

“Don’t worry, dear.” Celeste lightly taps my knee. “You’ll get used to it.” She winks at me.

I can’t help, but be amused. “Anyway…” I drag out the word. “I brought you some reading material.” I hand her three paperbacks. “I hope you enjoy them.” I laugh loudly, eager to see what she thinks of my smut books.

After spending two hours in the hospital and catching up with Celeste and her friend, Michael who joined us shortly after my arrival, I return home to rest.

“Hey, Cheesecake.” Kade says sleepily as he’s lying on the couch. “Don’t wake me if I fall asleep.” Then turns around and covers his body and head with my Twilight fleece throw.

I change into some comfy clothes and eat the meal Kade prepared. I watch The Real Husbands of Hollywood quietly and do my best not to wake Kade up since I’m constantly having to cover my mouth and hold in my laugh. Once I’m finishing up, my phone rings. I get excited when I read, “My Tree Hugger” on the screen.

“Babe!” I shriek. “I’ve missed you so much.” I blurt out.

“I’ve missed you too, baby.” Josh says with his deep voice. “God, I wish I was by your side right now.”

I smile and get up, but first grab two cucumber slices from the salad I failed to eat then head to my room.

“Good. I’m glad you miss me. Hopefully, you won’t leave me again.” I pout as I turn on the radio. The song, “Arms” by Christina Perri begins to play. I adjust the volume to a low setting and then I throw myself on the bed.


I shouldn’t have done that. The gunshot wound by my shoulder and upper arm is still healing. I disregard the pain, close my eyes, and place the cucumber slices on top of my eyelids.

“I won’t leave you again, baby.” He promises. Now that I’m completely relaxed, I’m savoring the sound of his delicious, sexy voice.

“I went to the hospital to visit your mom. We had an interesting conversation.” I laugh remembering that she already has the names of my nonexistent kids picked out.

“I know. I already spoke with her. But, what’s so funny, pretty lady? Never mind, don’t answer that. Why don’t we talk more about you? For starters, why don’t you tell me what you’re wearing?” The tone in his voice becomes huskier.

I laugh as I visualize my ensemble. “A black, satin nightie with lace barely covering my breasts.” I state as my breathing slightly begins to increase. “I’m also wearing a matching G-string; I wish you were here to rip it off with your teeth.” I add as I picture his handsome face between my inner thighs.

“You’re not lying to me…right, baby? I don’t like being lied to. But please continue, what else would you like me to do to you if I was next to you?” He asks as he’s breathing down the phone.

“I’d like you to be on top of me, savoring every inch of my body with your tongue as you work your way from my lips down to my warm cookie.” I state as I begin to massage my heavy breasts and feel the longing of his fat dick inside me.

The picture I’ve conjured up for Josh makes him moan. “Mmmm, baby. If I were there, I would bury my face in between your legs and devour your cookie at a slow pace. Making you beg for every single bite, suck, and lick. Do you want to get wet, baby?” He asks as a way of teasing me.

“Yes.” I whimper.

“That’s my good girl.” He continues. “If I were next to you, I would relish in your sweet scent and warm, scrumptious filling. I would work my tongue slow and deep, then fast and aggressive…always giving you the unexpected, making you crave every stroke of my tongue. When your inner thighs tighten around my head, I would insert a finger and stroke your sensitive, tight pussy gently licking you to the point of insanity. Once you beg for more, I would bury another finger deep inside you and stretch you out to get you ready for my fat cock that so eagerly wants to fuck you, over and over again until your voice is dry from yelling out my name. As my dick is surrounded by your perfectly tight bottom lips, I would go in hard and deep, making you feel all the love I have for you.”

I begin to pinch and twist one bare nipple. The longing between my legs becomes unbearable. “Babe, I’m gonna put you on speaker.” I breathe out heavily.

Immediately, I lower my hand to move my panties aside and begin massaging my entrance.

“Are you touching yourself, baby?” He asks slowly as he swallows hard.

“Yes. I miss you. I want you. I want you to fuck me hard. I want you to bury your face between my thighs and lick me clean. I want you to only come up for air to give my tits the attention they crave. I want you to use that expert tongue of yours all over my body. I want you to show me that I’m the only woman you want.” I say as I’m more aggressively rubbing my clit and penetrating myself with two fingers.

“Fuck, baby! I want your tight pussy wrapped around my dick. I wanna fuck you so hard you’ll be screaming my name and begging for more. I wanna grab your perfect, huge tits with my mouth and suck on them while you melt beneath me. I want—” I interrupt Josh.

I’m stroking my inside anxiously as I excitedly massage my breasts with my other hand. I’m craving his touch, his body, his scent, the taste of him. “Babe, I’m gonna cum.” I struggle to say.

“Cum, baby. Imagine me inside you, holding you, caressing you, fucking you hard. Think of your legs over my shoulders as I’m buried deep inside you. I want you. If I could be there by your side, I would be licking every drop of your savory juice.” He moans out.

And with the visual he has painted for me, my body tightens and a blissful explosion releases from my body. The sensation feels exquisite. I’m afraid to move in fear the tingling throughout my body will disappear. It just feels so, so good.

I hear Josh lightly chuckle. “Baby, the things you do to me! I’m in my car parked outside the restaurant with my dick as hard as a rock. How am I supposed to go back inside and finish with the meeting?”

“What? You’re not in your hotel room? Why didn’t you tell me? This conversation could’ve waited until then.” I laugh.

“I called to say hi, but once I heard your sexy voice…it was a rap. I couldn’t just say hi and bye…I wanted more. I can’t get enough of you. You should know that by now. So tell me, what should I do to stop my dick from being at a full salute stance?” He asks trying his best to sound serious.

“Hang up. I’m going to text you something. Once you receive it, call me right back.” I deviously grin.

“Okay.” Josh agrees.

I send him a short ten second video that is both disturbing and comical all at once. I wait for his call. Within a minute, my phone rings. It’s Josh. “Baby! What the fuck? What did you send me? My eyes! My poor fuckin’ eyes! I’ll never be able to erase that image from my mind! I can’t believe you! Baby, you’re a pervert. It makes me wonder what kind of crap you’re into! And the worst part? I saw the whole fuckin’ thing! Fuuuuuuck!”

I’m in hysterics. I take deep breaths and exhale. In the video, a person answers the door resembling a she-male. She…ummm…he has long hair, makeup, and only a bra to cover up her huge breasts…BUT the lower naked part shows an extremely long, floppy dick that dangles as he dances and sings a raunchy hook. I have tears in my eyes. I’m laughing so hard, I snort out loud without shame. “Babe. Wait. I can’t.” Speaking is a challenge since I can’t stop cackling. I would’ve given anything to see Josh’s expression when he saw the video, I’m sure it will be engraved in his memory for years to come.

“Lucy…you has son esplaining to do.” Josh says.

Oh. My. God! His impression of Desi Arnaz from that old show, I Love Lucy is dead on…including the accent. Now, I really can’t stop giggling.

“Baby, I gotta go. The meeting is about to start. Erase that nasty shit from your phone.” He laughs. “My little pervert, I love you so much! I’ll call you later tonight.”

“Bye, babe.” I manage to blurt out as I’m still chuckling. Then I hang up and immediately get out of bed to wash my hands.

I run into Kade at full speed as soon as I open my door.

“I knew you weren’t wearing a fuckin’ nightie! Oooh, girl, you’re the one who’s full of shit! I can’t believe you tried seducing your man while wearing a spaghetti stained t-shirt and old raggedy sweats that you’ve had since high school. You should be ashamed of yourself for full blown lying! Sexy nightie…my ass! High five for showing him the video I sent you last week though. His reaction was funny as shit!” He raises his hand for me to slap it. I happily do (with my clean hand) since my little prank wouldn’t have been possible without my bestie. “And to think, I was running behind you to tell you off for waking me up. Then I hear all the nasty crap you two kids were saying and I ended up getting one hell of a show. Cheesecake, you’re a freak!”

“Move out of my way before I make you smell my fingers.” I jokingly threaten as I laugh my ass off.

“Ewww! Real mature, Valentina…real fuckin’ mature. Now, I’m completely grossed out!” Kade states with pure disgust.

Good! Thats what he gets!

Sunday morning, Kade and I leave the house at three in the morning for the photo shoot of a vintage style magazine. One of the scenes has the sun rising in the background so timing is imperative for the success of the shots. Next month, I’ll be the magazine’s featured pin-up model. My excitement was so grand, it led me to temporarily dye my hair a combination of hot pink and burgundy to spice things up for the shoot.  Although it’s not the dark, brown color I’m so used to, I’ll admit the vibrant shade looks great against my fair complexion.

We arrive at Ocean Beach in the Sutro Historic District. It’s dark and dreary, the only glow available is from a few street lights. The moon and stars aren’t visible due to the thick fog that hovers along the beach front. I wonder if the sun’s presence will be captured in the shots. Mother Nature besieges an obstacle upon us that is out of our control. The only sound is from waves crashing, usually I find it calming, but this morning the atmosphere feels eerie. We drive until we spot a few cars and an RV. I park next to the RV I’ll be using as a dressing room to change my wardrobe, have my hair styled, and have my makeup done.

Since the shoot is located at the beach, the stylist opts for casual attire. My first ensemble consists of plaid turquoise high waisted capris, a white sweetheart top, and a black bolero with a turquoise plaid Peter Pan collar. My lips are outlined and painted to match the vibrant shade of my long locks. My dark eyes are enhanced by cat inspired eyeliner and exaggerated lashes that provide the perfect hint of sex appeal. The back of my vivacious colored hair is styled in retro glam curls while the front showcases perfectly shaped victory rolls. I take a moment to observe myself in the mirror. I resemble a flawless pin-up doll…I absolutely love it.

The photographer’s equipment is set up; he’s ready to begin the shoot. I walk on the beach barefoot and feel the rough grainy sand beneath my feet. The air is piercingly cold, but the wind is still as the sun’s rays slowly make their appearance through patches in the morning’s dense fog.

Various carefree pictures are taken with the beach and sunrise as my background. Once the photographer is satisfied with his shots, I’m directed to change into the next ensemble. When I enter the RV, the stylist already has my clothes laid out before me, white capris and a navy blue pilot top with white details. My hair is restyled into a retro up do with victory bangs and a white bandana holding it all together. My rockabilly makeup remains the same. I finish off my look with oversized, cat eye sunglasses. By this time, the morning fog has passed allowing the sun to shine in all its glory, but since this is San Francisco…the air maintains its crisp, cool feel.

Once we’re done with the photo shoot, Kade and I head over to the Cliff House for their brunch buffet. We enter the lower level of the historic building. We’re taken back by the astonishing views of Seal Rocks, Ocean Beach, and the Pacific Ocean. We enjoy our meal with champagne while listening to live harp music.

“I just love getting shit-faced drunk in a beautiful atmosphere.” Kade sighs heavily as he admires our amazing view. “We’re so fuckin’ classy, we shit diamonds.”

I laugh. “I know, right? Let’s toast to being classy bitches.” We clink our champagne flutes together. “I’m glad you’re treating because I would never pay over a hundred bucks for brunch. It better come with a fat cock for that price!”

An evil smirk plants itself on Kade’s pretty boy face as he spreads a touch of flavored butter on half a scone. “Don’t trip, boo. I got you. Unfortunately for you, it does come with a fat cock, it’s just not for you. Speaking of my fat cock, I’m gonna fuck the makeup artist you were just working with. When she wasn’t busy coloring your face, she was busy eye fucking the shit out of me. I got her number. Oh, yes…she definitely wants a taste of this K.D. She looks like she can take a dick.” Kade smirks as he bites his scone.

I’m confused. “What the fuck? What about Jacob? I thought you liked him. You just said you were willing to give a serious relationship a try. What changed?”

“Oh, yeah…that ship has sailed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still date and fuck him, but that’s it. I’ve thought about it…I’m too much of a hot commodity to settle for one person. There are too many flavors left in this world for me to sample. Why should I be in a committed relationship? I’m too young for that crap. I just wanna live a happy life and fuck all the beautiful people out there.” He says with a sweet boyish smile that reaches his baby blues.

“You’re such a hoe. I just can’t with you.” I shake my head as I take another sip of my champagne.

Kade reaches across the table to pinch my nose. “You say ‘hoe’ like it’s a bad thing…I say ‘sexually generous’…if I like it, I’m fucking it…end of story. By the way, we’re either going for a walk along the beach or we’re hiking the Land End trails…you decide. We need to sober up before we go home. As a bonus, we’ll burn off these excess calories.”

“Damn! You bug! Why must you always kill the mood by wanting to do something healthy and active? I’m tired. I don’t feel like taking a walk or a hike. I hate that you can be such a health nut sometimes.” I look at him with an ugly sneer.

He chuckles and almost spits out his champagne. “You should be thanking me! Because of me pushing you and your mom blessing you with amazing curves, your body looks the way it does! If it were up to you, you would just sit on your ass, watch TV, read books, fuck, and shove junk food down your throat.”

I sigh dreamily as I picture doing just that. “A girl can dream.”

After a short deliberation, I groan. “Fine…we’ll go for a hike, but I’ll be pouting throughout the whole time. Why can’t I just eat whatever I want and not gain weight? I fuckin’ hate exercising. It. Sucks. Balls. And so do the people who love it!”

Kade laughs. “Calm down, ‘Negative Nancy.’ As a matter of fact, I do suck…very well…so I’ve been told.”

“Ewww! You’re such a perv! Let’s go back to being classy bitches and finish up our meal so we can get that damn hike over with. I can’t wait to go home and call my man.” I raise my eye brows twice rapidly with excitement.

“You mean…be a dirty whore over the phone while you pet your kitty?” Kade winks at me.

“Mmm hmm. My kitty requires a lot of love and affection. ” I state with absolutely no shame and a huge grin on my face. The more I think about it, the more anxious I am to return home and hear Josh’s sexy voice.

About C. Michelle

I was a high school drop-out who eventually earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree and a Master of Business Administration degree while working as a probation officer and counselor. I have served my community as a Victim Awareness Program instructor and an Aggression Replacement Training (ART) facilitator. My love of all things funny, romantic, and simply bad ass led to the writing of my debut novel, Pinned Up. I am currently writing my second book. I reside in northern California with my husband and three children.
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